We have created a market-tested, trade secret-protected technology that has helped numerous companies, large and small, over our two decades of experience.

Aristartec®  L.L.C, in association with the internationally recognized Pair O Docs® Professionals L.L.C. was founded by Dr. Steve Tait and Dr. Susan Tait and is an internationally recognized and respected engineering research, testing, and consulting company. With almost 30 years of experience, as the leader in innovative, multi-phase corrosion testing, our time-tested technology and methodology can help reduce processing time with stronger results.

Our high-tech, state-of-the-art anti-corrosion technology services include

  1. a) electrochemical corrosion testing
  2. b) corrosion inhibitor development for corrosion prevention and control
  3. c) consulting on failures associated with corrosion

Prevention and control of corrosion is the number one priority of Aristartec®  L.L.C, using quick, clean, and reliable micro and macro systems to safeguard both your company and its employees.

The Aristartec® office and laboratories are located in the High Point office park in Madison, Wisconsin.