What is Aristartec™?

Pair O Docs® Professionals L.L.C. developed the Aristartec™ system for the advanced, high tech corrosion protection and control for a wide range of metals/alloys, surface modified and coated metals.

Aristartec™ is a fully integrated system of multiple high tech Engineering, Mathematics and Science Disciplines with a state-of-the-art electrochemical corrosion laboratory and trade secret protected FlexiCell technology.


Who is Pair O Docs® Professionals?

We are an engineering research, testing and consulting company whose anti-corrosion technology services include a) Aristartec™ electrochemical corrosion testing, b) Aristartec™ corrosion inhibitor development for corrosion prevention and control, c) investigating failures associated with corrosion, and d) our Elements of Spray Package (Aerosol) corrosion short course, plus a primer on spray package corrosion.

Our office and laboratories are located in the High Point office park in Madison, Wisconsin.  Please visit our website www.pairodocspro.com to learn more about our services that will help prevent corrosion from undoing your hard work.