Our unique and proprietary electrochemical corrosion test technology and intellectual property (IP) are not available for license.  However, we are willing to discuss selling our anti-corrosion technology, state-of-the-art laboratory, corrosion inhibitor technology and corrosion testing IP. Interested parties should contact our business agent,  Steve Royko at Royko Enterprises LLC, 608 236 4490 (office); 608 770 1009 (mobile); 608-234-4353 (FAX).

Aristartec® unique and proprietary electrochemical protocols and test cells are able to detect and measure a) liquid phase corrosion, b) vapor phase corrosion, c) crevice corrosion, and d) interfacial corrosion. Our state-of-the-art instruments can detect corrosion long before it can be seen with a microscope.

In addition, our proprietary models are able to distinguish between general corrosion and pitting corrosion for all metal and metal alloy components.

Testing on uncoated metals typically requires up to 35 days of testing. Testing on coated metals typically requires up to 95 days of testing.

We don’t have an hourly rate for Aristartec® electrochemical corrosion tests because each test is a packaged project, designed to let the Client know a) if the product is corrosive to the chosen spray package, b) what type of corrosion is expected, c) what is the expected package service lifetime, and d) what is the risk. The cost for a project depends on a) the desired statistical confidence (statistical risk) in the test results, b) the chemical composition of the formula, c) the type of propellant, d) the ratio of propellant to product, and e) the type of spray package, such as aerosol, lined or unlined, bag attached to an aerosol valve, laminate foil tube, etc.. Please contact Steve to discuss your spray package corrosion testing needs.

Aristartec® , with Pair O Docs Professionals®, has made over 800 direct comparisons between predictions from our electrochemical tests with actual metal/uncoated metal corrosion. Our aggregate correlation exceeds 99% between predicted corrosion and actual corrosion for both uncoated and coated metals.

A corrosion test on spray packaging requires the following materials a) new spray packages, b) new aerosol valves for aerosol containers, c) formula concentrate(s), d) non-LPG propellants, such as DME e) fill weight percentages for the propellant and formula concentrate and d) safety data information for each formula. The amounts of each material is provided when we are engaged for the project.

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