Corrosion can be detected and measured with sensitive electronic instruments long before the corrosion can be seen under a microscope. Thus, electrochemical corrosion testing—when used with the appropriate protocols and models—provides accelerated results. Accelerated results allow faster-to-market product introductions at a significantly lower risk than the corresponding risk for conventional storage stability tests.

The Aristartec® state-of-the-art electrochemical corrosion laboratory has the capability for both small and large projects. Our Beaker-to-Boxcar programs provide a cost effective way to obtain a large number of corrosion test results for new and derivative products.

We conduct corrosion tests on:

  •     All types of spray and aerosol packaging (liquid product phase corrosion, vapor phase corrosion, aerosol valve corrosion, laminated bags attached to aerosol valves, plastic bottles with pumps and trigger sprayers)
  •     Packaging fabricated from laminated metal foils, such as toothpaste tubes
  •     Food and beverage packaging
  •     Chemical processing equipment, transfer piping, storage tanks, pumps, etc.
  •     A wide range of coated and uncoated metals and metal alloys

We developed a unique and proprietary advanced electrochemical test protocol for measuring and predicting coated metal pitting corrosion in liquids and vapors.


Corrosion inhibitors are often a cost effective way to transform corrosive formulas into a non-corrosive version of the formula. Dr. Steve Tait is certified by NACE International as a Corrosion Specialist, specializing in corrosion inhibitors. Aristartec® can help your develop a corrosion inhibitor in several ways, we could:

  1.    Develop a corrosion inhibitor for you
  2.    Screen potential inhibitors developed by your R&D personnel
  3.    Optimize the inhibitor concentration range for your inhibitor or the one we develop for you


Uncoated and coated metal failures are often associated with coating and metal corrosion. Dr. Steve Tait has decades of experience determining the root cause for metal and coated metal failures associated with corrosion. His past investigations include corrosion failures of:

  •     Aerosol, food and pharmaceutical products using metal and laminated metal foil packaging
  •     Chemical processing equipment
  •     Painted metals
  •     Coated metals and uncoated metals in a wide range of service environments


Our signature Elements of Spray Package Corrosion course is taught at company locations. The course can be either taught in 1 1/2 days or 1 very long day. It is designed for all personnel who are involved with spray package (aerosol container) corrosion issues. Please contact Dr. Steve Tait at either, or at 608-831-2076 if you would like to have this course taught at your facility.


A copy of our primer on Spray Package corrosion is also available on request. Please contact Steve if you would like a copy (We apologize, but copies will only be sent to company email addresses and not to Gmail or yahoo etc. addresses).


Aristartec® offices and laboratories are located in our 3,000 square foot facility at the High Point Office Park.

Our laboratories include a state-of-the-art electrochemical corrosion testing laboratory. Our facility is dedicated to:

  •     Corrosion testing for Clients
  •     Corrosion consulting
  •     Investigating failures involving corrosion
  •     Research and development of electrochemical corrosion testing methods
  •     Research and development on corrosion inhibitors